Friday, June 13, 2008

Where's Tiny?

I know I've been missing in action most of this semester, but I have been keeping busy. Below are the individual pages of the book dummy for Where's Tiny?, the book I've been working on all semester. It's a 48 page picture book that I wrote myself, and will be working on finishing next semester.


Anonymous said...

Neva, what a creative project! To think you had to do all that in your head before even putting it to paper and laying it out in a way that children would understand and be intrigued. The hints given by the run-away leash are just great. Marvelous work!

Kevin G. said...

Ha! Whenever Sarah and I decide that life is calm enough that we can finally have a kid (thereby disrupting the calmness forever, but for a good cause!), we'd like this to be one of the first children's books we have for said hypothetical child. Good work! :)

cbandkids said...

What beautiful illustrations! We can't wait to be your first sale. Keep up the great work.